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Autoimune Hemolytic Anemia Treatment

To understand what autoimmune hemolytic anemia is, we should recognize our autoimmune system that we possess amazingly! We will also understand hemolysis and anemia.

Hemolysis can be described as premature destruction of our red blood cells-erythrocytes. This destruction leads anemia that is reduced red blood cells in the blood. Normally they live for 120 days. If the production of erythrocytes cannot compensate their destruction anemic condition may develop.

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) is very rare and uncommon disorder that is caused by autoantibody induced to destruct own erythrocytes. It is divided in two groups. Warm AIHA, Cold AIHA. Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria or mixed type disorder also can be seen accordingly.

In warm auto immune hemolytic anemia immunoglobin G autoantibody attacks red blood cells.

Treatment of such disorder is depends on the diagnosis of the blood. Vigilant diagnosis is obligatory for the proper treatment.

As per our sudy we have randomly done the test of such patient and found vit-D deficiency or in sufficiency so it is clear that in auto immune hemolytic anema one might be suffering from vit-D deficiency also. So there is chances to cure such diseases if vit-D should be cured without supplement.

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