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Cancer Treatment

We can define the cancer as uncontrollable multiplication of cells in particular part of body. Cells start to multiply abnormally and out of control. This abnormal cell division forms a mass or tumour. These cells are known as cancer cells. They possess tendency to invade other body parts. It may spread and grow at other part of body.

It is also called malignancy. Over 100 kinds of cancers are detected in human being. So cancer is a group of disorders. It includes cancer of skin, stomach, thyroid, ovarian, pancreatic, colon, lung, prostate and many more. Some types of cancer can be detected with self check up that includes mouth, rectum, prostate, breast, testicles, and skin.

Symptoms are varies with the type of cancer. It depends on the location of the body, where it exactly is and how much it has affected the surrounding tissues and organs. It may spread in different parts of body.

Formation of tumour either says structure due to abnormal growth of cells create pressure on surrounding nerves and blood vessels. The sensitive part of body may affect severely in early stage of disease. Sometimes it is seen that at the place of the body part where it start, do not show any symptom till large formation of cancer. Reaction of immune system to this malignancy creates several symptoms. Fever, fatigue, tiredness, pain are general symptoms of it.

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