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Avinash Ganpatbhai Rathod

Name: Mr. AvinashRathore

Age: 19 years (at the time of treatment start date)

Treatment start date (at KudratiAyurved Health Center): 20th July, 2012

The patient was already diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he came for the treatment at the center.

Reports before treatment:

Blood Chemistry: The profile dated 11/05/01 showed the level of C.P.K to be 10,500 units per liter (Normal level for male: 190 units per liter).

Biopsy Report: The report dated 17/05/01 showed size variation in muscle fibers. The muscle fibers showed degeneration and necrosis

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Sajidmiya Mohamadmiya Saiyed
Nr Water tank, Juhapura,


Patient 2:

Name: Mr. SajidmiyaSaiyed

Age: 36 years (at the time of treatment)

Treatment start date (at KudratiAyurved Health Center): 17th March, 2013

Patient History:

In the year 1999, the patient’s left leg was injured by a weapon and had to undergo an operation. A progressive damage in the leg muscles was thereafter observed in both the legs. After 2 years from the date of the operation, the patient lost the ability to walk and both his hands started showing gradual muscle damage.

When he came for treatment at the center the patient was in wheelchair and had lost the movement in both the hands and legs. He could not sit nor make any neck movements. The body had become stiff due to the deposition of unused protein.

There is no history of genetic disorders in the family.

Reports before treatment:

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MohammadHadi A Mansuri
Sec 24, Gandhinagar

Master MohammadHadi Mansuri  was a victim of Duchenne Muscular dystrophy disease. After starting treatment the first sign was seen on his face. The indication of muscles regeneration was seen clearly on his face.

 After 3 months  treatment his condition improved. It was the happiest moment for us when his walking style improved fairly well and kid enjoyed walking with confidence a

 As seen from his periodical medical records, He is also a patient suffering from vitamin D deficiency.  After 7 months of treatment his periodic report on vitamin D increases with the level of deficit of 14.3 to 47.27, which is above the normal leve

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Sreyansh Goswami
Village;Lodva,Taluka;Sutrapada,Dist; Gir Somnath

Master Shreyans Goswami, suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, as seen from his periodical medical records, He is also a patient suffering from vitamin D deficiency.  Started treament on 06-12-2017   CPK  7320

                         After 3 months on 03-01-2018   CPK  3780

                         After 7 months on  11-07-2018   CPK  2633

That shows cpk is gradually reducing that proves that degeneration of muscle is stoped and the patient is improving as shown in pictures of respective mnths.



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Pratik Chauhan
C 302, Shalin otium, Nr YMC club, Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad

Pratik Chauhan  suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, as seen from his photographs he is getting good result in muscle build up and now he is able to walk with less trouble.



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