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Medicines Making Method

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Avinash Ganpatbhai Rathod
Ptient Diseases:
Case Study Details:

Name: Mr. AvinashRathore

Age: 19 years (at the time of treatment start date)

Treatment start date (at KudratiAyurved Health Center): 20th July, 2012

The patient was already diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he came for the treatment at the center.

Reports before treatment:

Blood Chemistry: The profile dated 11/05/01 showed the level of C.P.K to be 10,500 units per liter (Normal level for male: 190 units per liter).

Biopsy Report: The report dated 17/05/01 showed size variation in muscle fibers. The muscle fibers showed degeneration and necrosis (death of one or more cells or tissue). Some muscle fibers appeared very thin while some appeared as enlarged, rounded hyaline fiber with loss of striation (pattern).

DNA Analysis: DNA analysis was carried out to detect if any part of the gene (exon) responsible for the production of the protein dystrophin were deleted (missing). Reports showed deletions at exons 50, 47 and 52 for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Reports after the treatment:

Blood chemistry: The test was carried out on 25/08/2012. The result showed that the C.P.K. had decreased to 712.0 units per liter (Normal level for male: 190 units per liter).

DNA Analysis: The blood sample of the patient was sent for DNA analysis to CCMB, Hyderabad on 20/11/2012. The date of the report was 13/12/2012. The result showed that the patient was suffering from Becker Muscular Dystrophy due to deletion of exons 45 to 53.

Physical observation before the treatment:

The urine was black in colour. Teeth were yellowed and the nails were brittle. In addition, the spinal cord was curved and not straight. He could only eat when one of his hands was supporting the other and even then faced difficulty.

Physical observation after the treatment:

The colour of urine turned normal within 15 days of the treatment. The teeth whitened and the nails became normal within 2-4 months of the treatment. After 5 months of the treatment the patient regained mobility in his hands to the extent that he could easily eat and drink and do other non-laborious work.

Result of the treatment:

Where there was absence of protein dystrophin in the patient leading to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy before the treatment at KudratiAyurved; after the treatment a partially functional form of dystrophin was produced converting the patient’s condition to Becker Muscular Dystrophy. Additionally, the patient’s muscles were observed to gain strength which was previously lacking.


The severity of the disorder, Muscular Dystrophy, was reduced leading to improvement in the patient’s condition.

Results expected with further treatment:

Unfortunately, the patient quit the treatment after 5 months due to financial reasons so we can only guess the results if further treatment were given to him.