V-D Green


KUDRATI AYURVED HEALTH CENTRE, Khanpur, Ahmedabad. Has formulated a Special Ayurvedic medicine in Brand name V-D Geen With a thought to provide something perfect to add value to your Health that can conquers the common as well as serious health Problems, nourishes body mechanism and supports natural immune System...Read More


pdf file Report of Acute toxicity study VD Green

Medicines Making Method

All medicines utilized at KUDRATI AYURVED HEALTH CENTER are prepared by strictly adhering to authentic ancient ayurvedic formulae. By well experienced ayurvedic doctors.

Baby Hemya
M I 45,Mahavidhya Colony,Phase 2,Krishn Janam Esthan,,Dhorera bangar,MATHURA,Gyatri tapobhumi,U.P.-281001
Ptient Diseases:
Case Study Details:

First Baby of Thalassemia cured by ayaurvedic treatment within two months. Blood  transfusion is required ervery month  since january,

We have given the medicine on 31st may and the medicine is started from the first week of june and we get result in two months only.Last 

blood transfusion done on 7th july 2018 after blood transfusion haemoglobin ia 9.0. As per the regular routine for blood transfusion in the next month when the report is done parents comes to know that the haemoglobin of the child is 11.0 on 6th of august it clearly indicates that the blood level increased  by 2.0 and no need for blood transfusion. 

Regeneration of blood shows the result