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Diabetes Treatment

We can define the cancer as uncontrollable multiplication of cells in particular part of body. Cells start to multiply abnormally and out of control. This abnormal cell division forms a mass or tumour. These cells are known as cancer cells. They possess tendency to invade other body parts. It may spread and grow at other part of body.

It is also called malignancy. Over 100 kinds of cancers are detected in human being. So cancer is a group of disorders. It includes cancer of skin, stomach, thyroid, ovarian, pancreatic, colon, lung, prostate and many more. Some types of cancer can be detected with self check up that includes mouth, rectum, prostate, breast, testicles, and skin.

Symptoms are varies with the type of cancer. It depends on the location of the body, where it exactly is and how much it has affected the surrounding tissues and organs. It may spread in different parts of body.

Diabetes is not the disease like fever, that after a course of medicine it completely cured in few days. Diabetes is long term physical condition in which blood of patient contains increased or decreased sugar level than normal level. It is called hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia respectively.

There is normal glucose level in the blood of healthy person. Glucose level of blood is maintained with insulin, secreted by pancreas. Whatever eaten by the person either say food intake of person after digestion, passes through many metabolic procedures turn in to varied elements, like glucose. Glucose of food comes into blood. So the patient of diabetes is advised to strictly observe his or her diet habit and to strictly avoid the food contains high glucose level. It is a condition of abnormal metabolism.

Both have adverse effect on patient. There is no specific symptom of diabetes, but several indications can be marked with this disease.

  • • Headache
  • • Fatigue
  • • Itchy skin
  • • Slow healing of injury
  • • Blurry vision
  • • Legs cramp
  • • Body cramp

There are three types of diabetes:

  • • Type 1
  • • Type 2
  • • Type 3 (Gestational Diabetes)

Type 1

In Type-1 diabetes is also called juvenile diabetes. It is also called insulin –dependent diabetes due to its cause. In type-1 diabetes, insulin neither is nor produced by body of the patient. it is seen in teenage or in early adulthood. Round about 10% of overall diabetic patients are of type-1 diabetes.

Type 2

In Type-2 diabetes, body does not produce insulin enough for proper functioning or body cells or the body cells do not react to insulin. About 90% of total diabetic cases are of type-2 diabetes. This type of diabetes is a progressive disease and as the time passes, it goes more complicated.

Type 3 (Gestational Diabetes)

Gestational diabetes develops in female during pregnancy. Some women contain glucose level, more than normal level during pregnancy. It may control with exercise and improving diet habit. In some case medication is necessary to avoid any complications during childbirth.

There are many undesirable consequences of diabetes. He or she may at risk of cardiovascular disease. Patients of diabetes are also advised to strictly maintain their cholesterol level and blood pressure.

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