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GATISHEEL GUJARAT ( GLOBAL GUJARATI CONFERENCE ) 2016. 1.2.3. july Raritan Center, New Jersey, USA. It is a three days extravaganza in the land of opportunity. Gatisheel Gujarat will be amagamations of many entertaining and productive events including the pride for Gujarati Culture and the introducing new opportunities to all the participants. It is a rare chance for all to reconnect with the cultural roots of our Motherland and reigniting the pride of being a Gujarati and an INDIAN. Gatisheel Gujarat ( Global Gujarati Conference ) 2016 will be an affair of grand stature painted across a larger canvas. The event will set a new benchmark for all the upcoming events by making a mark in history. The theme ' Taking Gujarat on a global platform - Gatisheel Gujarat is primarily aimed at exploring the opportunities that our motherland has to offer in terms of Real estate. Education, Medical tourism, Arts, crafts and other varied sectors. Global Gujarati communitys dominance over the world is known. Gatisheel Gujarat is set to make this dominance help the homeland to make its mark on global platforum too.

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