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Hemophilia Treatment

We have lots of converse about genetic disorders. Hemophilia is one of genetic disorders that are considered severe hereditary deformities.

What happens if blood does not undergo clotting in any of the bleeding situations? Is there any alternative to stop bleeding if blood itself do not possess ability to be clot?

Answers cover vast assessment about disorder. Hemophilia can be simply understood as the disability or lower ability of patient’s body system to clot blood. So, even a negligible injury can harm lot in the sense of severe blood loss.

It is a genetic disorder and passed down to next generation and mostly seen in male member of such family. Internal bleeding is a major consequence of the disorder and sometimes can be life-threatening if occur in brain or in other vital organ.

So with the help of ayurvedic treatment we can provide best solution in the above situation and even cure for such condition.

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