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Osteogenesis Imperfecta Treatment

Literally meaning ‘imperfect formation of bones’, OsteogenesisImperfecta, is a genetic diseasewhere the body is unable to make strong bones. It is also referred to as ‘Brittle Bone Disease’. This disorder takes place when the body does not have sufficient collagen that makes the bones strong.

In this case the bones are so fragile that it breaks easily, sometimes as a result of trauma and at other times without any particular reason.Some babies even suffer fractures when they are at their mother’s womb. These patients suffer fractures throughout their lifetime. Along with this, a person may also suffer from hearing problems. It affects the muscles weakening them and the teeth also become liable to break easily.

Till now, there are eight types of OsteogenesisImperfecta that has been distinguished on the basis of their symptoms and signs. These are designated from Type I to type VIII.However, the basic characteristic of all the types remain similar.Type II is the most intense. It can result in an abnormally fragile and small rib cage and very less developed lungs. The life of the babies born with this defect is very fragile and most of them expire shortly after they are born.

The symptoms ofOsteogenesisImperfecta depend on the degree of which the bone is fragile and the type of it. To mention, some of them are:

  • • Shorter than others of the same age and gender
  • • Deformed bones
  • • Loss of hearing
  • • Brittle teeth
  • • Severe body deformation in some cases
  • • Easily bruised
  • • Underdeveloped lungs and tiny chest
  • • Poor muscle developments and poor joints
  • • Breathing problems
  • • Curved spine
  • • Triangular shaped face

As this disease mainly occurs due to family history and genetics, the treatment first includes going through the family history of the affected person. Then the medical history of the person is examined. However, there is no specific treatment of this disease.

An infant diagnosed with OsteogenesisImperfecta needs to be handled with a lot of care. As it is, infants are very gentle; these infants can suffer a fracture by just a mild push or pull.

Some treatments of this disease are Physical Therapy, proper medication, bracing fragile parts of the body and etc. Sometimes aperson may have to go through surgeries to normalize the deformities of the bones.

Other medications include wearing braces for fragile teeth, hearing aids for hearing disabilities, and also taking the help of external oxygen by the people who get breathing problems.

Kudrati Ayurveda provides medicines that dive deep into the roots of the problems that causesOsteogenesisImperfecta and helps heal it with authentic herbal Ayurved formulae.These medicines are made by experts through ancient Ayurved techniques. It helps strengthen the bones of the body and prevents it from frequent fracture. It increases the Vitamin-D of the body and the collagen. Kudrati Ayurveda medicines help fight the germs and infections of the body and re-enforce the natural immune system.

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