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Osteopenia Treatment

Osteopenia can be defined as lower bone mineral density than normal. It is believed the start off of the calcium deficiency disorder like osteoporosis, But person having osteopenia always do not subject to osteoporosis.

Lower intake of calcium rich food may lead bad situation of deficiency disorder. Wrong dietary habits may put the person at risk of deficiency. Incorrect lifestyle habits may also harm the personage with the situation. Some habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, use of excess soft drinks and several negative habits may also push the situation to worst condition.

Calcium is one of the important minerals of the body. It significantly need for the strong bones and healthy teeth. Moreover it is also responsible for the contraction and relaxation of the body and also to transmit nerve impulses. It also regulates secretion, division and multiplication of cells. Several enzyme reactions are also regulated by level of the calcium in the blood.

We possess strong bone frame collectively made from 206 different bones. It supports strongly to various organs to move as well as to perform proper functioning. This structural frame must be enough strong to support body.

Cells of the bones are continuously replaced with newer cells. This replacement process goes on continuous manner through out the life. The process of removing old cells and adding new cells is called remodeling of bones.

From the roll of calcium, we can understand that calcium level of the body is crucial for the normal and healthy functioning of the body.

Level of the calcium must be maintained in the blood for the normal functioning of the heart, nerves and muscles. When the calcium level of blood tends to low, body try to balance that level for the proper functioning of such important organs. If body does not get dietary support for calcium, it is automatically reimburse by the calcium of bones. About 99% of calcium is in the bone and remaining 1% of calcium is in blood. For the situation of decrease level of calcium in blood it is balanced by the calcium of bone itself.

As we discuss the factors responsible for the osteopenia, then aging is first that may lead decrease calcium level in the body. It is seen that menopausal women are at high risk of bone density problem due to reduced level of estrogen. Secretion of estrogen hormone reduced after menopause that may affect calcium level in blood. Case may be the same in male on reduced level of testosterone secretion.

Parathyroid gland disorder is called hypoparathyroidism. Hypoparathyroidism is also one of the critical factors that affect calcium level of blood.

We have discussed the factors that may lead the osteopenia. If we focus on the symptoms of osteopenia, there are no significant symptoms of osteopenia. Some common symptoms of calcium deficiency may be the warning sign of the osteopenia. These common symptoms include nervousness, irritability, insomnia, headaches, cracked nails, pale skin, numbness and tingling in fingers. A person having family history of any kind of calcium deficiency disorder is at more risk of osteopenia. Family history of ‘anorexia nervosa’ is also at more risk of such disorder.

Like osteoporosis, to know the bone density, doctors prescribe bone density tests. ‘DENSITOMETRY’ is the test done with low radiation. Quantitative computed tomography is also used to clarify the picture of bone mineral density. It is believed as the test for exact volumetric mineral density of bones.

Like osteoporosis there are no certain medicines of osteopenia in advanced medical science. On the contrary in ayurved, there are such treatments that may provide high relief to the patient. At kudrati ayurved health center we are paying attention on calcium deficiency disorders.

We have achieved great results of our therapy for calcium deficiency diseases. As calcium contains so important role in growth and maintaining of physical as well as mental health, our therapy is proven highly effective for the so many diseases and deficiency disorders.

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