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Osteoporosis Treatment

Calcium is one of significant elementary components of body that is essentially need for the proper functioning of various organs of the body. It is necessary for the well functioning of the nervous system, muscular system as well as for so many diverse functions of different organs.

Almost part of total calcium of body is used to form bones and teeth and remaining very less amount of calcium is found in blood and tissues. There are so many deficiency disorders of calcium, out of which Osteoporosis is one of the severe progressive bone diseases.

Osteoporosis, name itself shows the severity of such deficiency disorder. In osteoporosis calcium deficiency gradually weakens the bones and thinning of bone increases slowly. Density of the bone may affect severely. Due to lessen density of the bones, it is named ‘osteoporosis’. Bones with low density may imagine as porous. In osteoporosis, bones became weak as per deficiency level.

There are total 206 bones in our body. Bones provide strong support to our organs. They strongly support the body to move and perform various functions. Our bones are structural frame of our body. They are continuingly changed with newer cells. It’s a continuous process to remove old cells of bones and add new cells. It’s called remodeling. Remodeling of bone is such process that goes on throughout our life.

Osteoporosis is also been familiar as ‘silent killer’. In osteoporosis bones are started to be weakened and brittle since years, but patient do not aware of it. Patient does not know about their disease until they undergo fractures. They may suffer from the fracture of wrist, spine and hip. They also may suffer from the height lose.

Like other diseases, there are no significant symptoms of osteoporosis. Though there are no specific symptoms of osteoporosis, some significant symptoms can show the probability of the osteoporosis.

Back pain starts with lower pain that gradually increases.

Gradually weakened bone may lead collapse of thorasic vertebrae. Other vertebrae also affect slowly. Collapse of the vertebrae lead the curving of the spine and individual may suffer from hunchback that is excessive curvature of back.

Vertebral fractures may lead severe pain.

Certain hormone secretion may affect severely the density of the bone.

Bones are made of two main components that are calcium and phosphorus. We require certain level of calcium in our blood for proper functioning of so many organs like heart, nerves and muscles. At the lack of calcium in blood, on the demand of calcium of these organs, it is fulfilled by the calcium of bone itself, to compensate the demand.

Vitamin D essentially needed to absorb calcium properly.

HYPOPARATHYROIDISM is identified as functional disorder of parathyroid glands. Less secretion of parathyroid hormone, may lead reduction of the calcium level in the blood. Parathyroid glands are situated in the neck, behind thyroid gland. It contains calcium-sensing receptor cells. These cells sense the calcium level of blood and secrete parathyroid hormone respectively.

It helps to increase calcium absorption from the bowel. It also helps to prevent calcium excretion of kidney. PARATHYROID hormone increases phosphate release. PARATHYROID also helps to increase calcium in bone by enhancing bone resorption.

To decide the severity of the disease, doctors are relying on various tests. Bone density test is done to decide effect of osteoporosis as well as of fracture risk. Densitometry is the procedure to measure bone density. It is fulfilled by the low radiation.

Osteoporosis, may affect both of genders, male and female. But menopausal women may be the victim of such disorder. Reduced secretion of estrogen hormone after menopause may lead decrease level of calcium in blood of women and that may result in post menopausal osteoporosis. In men also there is decreased level of calcium in the blood due to reduced testosterone secretion.

There is no specific reason to develop such severe disease conditions, but heredity is a strong factor for osteoporosis. Aging lead more bone loss than its reformation.

In allopathic medicines, there is no specific treatment to cure osteoporosis. At Kudrati ayurved health center we treat such disease with our unique therapy. We have developed such therapy for all kinds of calcium deficiency disorders, rather says almost physical as well as mental disorders are one or other way connected to calcium level of body, either decreased or increased. You may see the history of our cured patients at our clinic as well as on our website.

Precaution is better than cure. To prevent such kinds of calcium and other deficiency disorders and also to promote normal growth of body, we have prepare one tablet, “Kudrati Tablet”.

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