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Perthes Disease Treatment

Perthes disease is a condition that is seen only in children in which they are subject to less blood supply to the hip. It is generally seen in the children of age group of 4 years to 10 years. Perthes disease is seen in the male child and less frequent in a female child. Probability of the disease is believed five times more common in male child than a female child.

X-ray is the method by which perthes disease can be easily detected. Periodical checking with the x-rays is vital to know the exact situation of the disease. A thigh bone’s rounded top, also called the femoral head is naturally fitted in socket of the hip.

Due to the unknown reason, femoral head can not get its blood supply. So the cells of femoral head that do not get blood supply, die and that affected bone became soft. Such soft bone is at high risk of the fracture. Severity of the disease may vary from one case to a different.

With the growth of the children, it tends to healing. As the child grow, reformation of femoral head takes place gradually and child became able to make normal movement.

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