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Thalassemia Treatment

Thalassemia is not an infectious disorder, but it is an inherited condition. We can consider such disorder a genetic disorder. Child gets such inherited disorder from its parents. If child’s both parents are carrier of such disorder, they can pass it on to their kids.

Hemoglobin is the protein found in red blood cells. It supplies oxygen to the entire body systems. Hemoglobin contains three constituent. Heme, alpha globin and beta globin. It contains one pair of alpha protein and one pair of beta protein. In thalassemia, globin is affected by gene mutation. Depending on the mutation of gene, it is identified as alpha thalassemia and beta thalassemia.

Thalassemia minor can be identified by routine blood tests. It can be detected in older children and adults. No physical symptoms are seen in such disorder. Molecular test helps to distinguish between thalassemia major and thalassemia minor.

Two genes that are responsible for the coding of globin protein are inherited from the parents, each from one parent. Out of such two inherited genes, if one is mutated than symptoms are mild and it is called thalassemia Minor. But if both genes are mutated, the symptoms are severe and it is called thalasemmia major.

Thalassemia contains many different kinds of conditions, of two are

  • • Alpha thalassemia
  • • Beta thalassemia

The red blood cells of the body contain 4 months of its life span. That is continuous process to produce new red blood cells to compensate loss of lost blood cells in the body. In thalassemia major new red blood cells are produced slowly and in less amount that lead anemic condition.

Thalasemmia is described as less amount of hemoglobin in the red blood cells. Patient contains lower count of red blood cells. In many patients, size of red blood cells is seen decreased. Such hemoglobin contains ability to transport oxygen in very less amount.

In thalassemia, there is condition of hemolytic anemia is frequent. Anemia leads so many physical complications. Varied grade of anemia are seen in both kinds of thalassemia, of that, several anemic conditions are severe. Thalasemmia lead severe anemia after few months of the birth.

ALPHA THALASSEMIA, like beta thalassemia is not a contagious disease. Mutation of the gene, which belongs to alpha globin is responsible to develop alpha thalassemia.

The kids with alpha thalassemia may contain no symptoms and, they do not require treatment, and in many cases it may lead severe anemia.

  • • Anemia
  • • Fatigue
  • • Weakness
  • • Slow growth
  • • Jaundice
  • • Facial Bone Deformities
  • • Other Bone Deformities
  • • Swollen Abdomen
  • • Enlargement of Liver and Spleen
  • • Breathe shortness

BETA THALASSEMIA is more known disorder. It is also recognized as Cooley’s anemia. Mutation of the gene that belongs to beta globin is main cause of such disorder. Depending upon the degree of mutation, severity of disorder can be defined. Beta thalassemia major, lead severe anemia. Symptoms are seen within few months after birth and if not diagnosed or being treated it may affect growth status badly. It also leads other harsh physical complications.

  • • Sleepiness
  • • Vomiting Feeds
  • • Irritability
  • • Symptoms of Severe Anemia
  • • Fever
  • • Diarrhea
  • • Intestinal Problem
  • • Bone Deformities
  • • Enlarged Spleen
  • • Growth Retardation
  • • Cardiac Abnormalities
  • • Iron Overload
  • • Swollen Abdomen

Less amount of red blood cell also leads less amount of oxygen to entire system. Hemoglobin carries oxygen from lungs to all parts of our body. So children with beta thalassemia may develop trouble with breath shortness.

Body senses the message of condition of reducing amount of red blood cells and in order to increase the number of red blood cells, body tends to expand bone marrow. Expansion of bone marrow leads many physical abnormalities. It led structural abnormalities of bone. It may lead unusual skeleton formation. Bone marrow expansion also led thin and brittle bones. Lower bone mineral density leads many physical abnormalities.

Situation may enhance probability to develop viral infections due to transfusion of the blood. Patient may also develop psychological problem. Regular monitoring and special care should be taken.

Blood transfusion is chief therapy for such disorder. There is one ambiguous situation occurs due to transfusion. The excess iron of the transfused blood starts to be deposited in various organs and tissues. Consequently such organs and tissue got damaged and suspected to be failing in its functioning.

Liver of the patient is also seen affected after several transfusion therapies due to over iron deposition. In some cases biliary tract is seen damaged with iron overload.

One of the major consequences of excess iron and anemia is cardiac abnormalities. Heart is significant organ that may affect with such condition. So many different types of cardiac dysfunctions may occur due to iron overload.

It affects various glands that produce varied hormones in the body. Such hormones regulate so many functions of the body. Pancreas, pituitary gland and gall bladder can be affected more or less with iron over load. Patient may affect with gout.

There is no particular treatment in allopath except blood transfusion. Patient with severe B thalassemia, even with transfusion therapy, are not able to survive due to cardiac complications that is occur by iron overload.

Besides dietary supplementation, children are not able to get sufficient nutritional help and develop progressive symptoms of such condition. Nutritional supplements can improve the condition very little but growth status of child badly affects and it develops other consequential warning sign.

We have successfully implemented our therapy for genetic diseases like thalassemia, and got astonishing results of our therapy. Our unique cure system works at the cell level of the varied body systems.

We have specially adapted a unique treatment with balancing the calcium level of the body. Deficiency of the calcium and toxicity of the calcium, both may lead functional disorder and disease like conditions. With our time tested medication, one can achieve mind-boggling consequences.

Thalassemia is the disorder of red blood cells that are formed in bone marrow. Our medicine helps most in skeletal deformation and enhances creation of red blood cells. Our treatment works for the calcium balancing and help most to control bone deformities and bone marrow expansion, because it works at origin of the abnormalities. A little restoration at base level of dilemma can avoid major undesirable consequences.

Our treatment for thalassemia is originally a treatment for gene irregularity. Not only thalassemia, but we have achieved unbelievable results in other genetic abnormalities. We are very happy to hand over such exceptional remedy for the disorder that does not find its cure in other sources.

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