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Weight Loss Treatment

Excess weight can lead to major health issues. We take in food that forms energies in our body. Energies are measured in Calories. These energies are again burned out throughout the day. If the body weight remains the same, it is because the calories we are taking in and the calories we are burning out are similar. If we notice an increase in our weight, it is an indication of taking in more calories than we are burning.

Some of the disease that occurs due to excess fat in the body are:• Diabetes (Type 2)
  • • Kidney Problems
  • • Asthma
  • • Gallbladder Stones
  • • High Blood Pressure
  • • Osteoarthritis
  • • Fatty Liver
  • • Cancer (breast, esophagus, kidney, ovaries, pancreas)
  • • Stroke
  • • Heart Diseases
  • • High Cholesterol
  • • Gout
  • • Sleep Apnea

Weight can increase due to a lot of factors.

1. Over-eating- This is one of the primary factors of gaining weight. A lot of energies or calories are produced by foods that are rich in fats or carbohydrates. These calories are not sufficiently burned from the body which results in weight gain.

2. Frequency of meals- Sometimes people take in small but frequent meals. Some people with less appetite sometimes don’t understand their reason of putting on weight. This is because the rapid frequency of their meals. The body stores food that slowly turns into energy. With regular meal intake the excess food turns into fat.

3. Lack of Exercise- People with physical inactivity put on weight rapidly. Exercise help one burn the excess fat and keep their body fit.

4. Genetics- Sometimes the excess weight if a person can also be a result of genetics. This can be other way as well. There are some people who are too thin and that are also a result of genetics.

5. Diseases- Certain diseases contributes excess weight. Diseases like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Down Syndrome, Hypothyroidism etc. causes the body weight to increase.

6. Unhealthy Eating Habits- Regular intake of fast foods and fried foods can lead to increase in weight. Foods like burgers, pizza, wraps, french fries etc. produces a lot of fat.

The excess fat could be brought under control if certain measurements are taken. To mention, some of them are-

1. Regular Exercise- Exercise does wonders in maintaining the weight of a body and burning fats. One should maintain a chart on the exercises to follow regularly by consulting an expert.

2. Healthy Eating Habits- The intake of fast foods and fried foods should completely be minimalized to keep the weight under control. One can consult a dietician and make a clear chart of what and when to consume and in what quantity.

Kudrati Ayurveda provides medicines that help keep the weight of the body under control by burning away the excess fats. This medicine recognizes the unused stored fat of the body that the body fails to identify. It then burns away the excess fat keeping the amount required by the body in terms of energy.

The medicines provided by Kudrati Ayurveda are made by expert’s with100% authentic herbal Ayurved formulae using ancient Ayurved techniques.

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